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You Should Know...


Ontario Employer Standards are the highest in North America.

They increased on September 8th 2016.

You should know what that means to you.


Personal liability is now a possibility.

Recent awards have included fines on individuals in companies.


Being pro-active is the key to compliance.

A fully integrated business service demonstrates your proactive efforts.

Workplace Wellness means Productivity and we can help build and maintain it.


We are qualified to help.

We have provided services for Canada's most prestigious organizations/brands to protect their people and reputations. We will provide our White Paper on Legislative Compliance and we are prepared to undertake a free workplace(s) audit to assist you in understanding your risk.

Recent private plaintiff settlements:



$800 K - City of Calgary

$900 K - RCMP

$450 K - Walmart Canada


Personal Judgments have reached

$150 for Harassment

$100K for Discrimination



$160 million – Merrill Lynch

$39 million – Bank Of America

$8 million – Costco Wholesale Corp.

$7.5 million – The Wet Seal Inc.

$6 million – City Of Los Angeles

$4.5 million – U.S. Postal Service

$3.7 million – City Of Chicago

$3.1 million – Connecticut, Department of Correction

$1.3 million – City Of New York

$1 million – City Of Richmond


UPDATE: Sept. 8 2016: Bill 132 Becomes Law in Ontario

It affects the legal responsibilities for ALL companies in Ontario regarding Harassment in the Workplace

and includes personal liability as well as corporate liability.    


 Under the Code, employers, service providers and housing providers have the ultimate responsibility for ensuring a healthy and inclusive environment, and for

 preventing and addressing discrimination and harassment. They must make sure their organizations are free from discriminatory or harassing behaviour.


 An organization can be held responsible for discrimination even if it is done indirectly.


 Discrimination does not have to be intentional.


 Whether or not a formal complaint has been made, organizations must acknowledge and address potential human rights issues.


 Organizations that do not take steps to prevent or address discrimination or harassment may face serious consequences.

Contact us for more information about how this new law affects your company

An excerpt from the Ontario Human Rights Code

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prepared to undertake a free workplace(s) audit to assist you in understanding your risk.